Wire EDM Services

logik precisions new wire edm machineAlso known as burning, die sinking, wire burning, wire erosion, or spark machine or eroding, electrical discharge machining (EDM) forms a workpiece using sparks or electrical discharges.

The wire EDM process is an excellent addition to the other CNC services offered at Logik Precision.

How The Process Works

The EDM process works by balancing the intensity of an electric field between two electrodes. With wire cut EDM, wire is wound around two spools. The wire is submerged in a tank of dielectric fluid such as deionized water, and is then fed through the workpiece. It is in constant movement as it subtracts metal according to instructions programmed into the machine. During the process, the water flushes debris away from the cutting zone which allows the machine to process the work more quickly.

Applications For Wire EDM

Particularly useful in industries such as oil and gas, metalworking, aerospace, utilities, gauging, and prototyping, the process can create custom tooling, tight tolerance parts, complex contoured shapes, tiny holes and delicate components.

Wire EDM works also well on hardened steel and materials that are hard to machine with other techniques. The result is a close tolerance part with a good surface finish. Because the process makes no contact with the tool and the workpiece, it works well on small delicate parts that require extreme accuracy, as well as small sections of larger parts. Wire EDM is often used in aerospace and oil and gas for sleeves, couplings, brackets, and other parts.

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