Logik Precision, Inc. Provides Military Solutions for the Defense Industry Houston, Texas

Logik Precision. Inc. is a trusted and reliable contractor for the Department of Defense. Our CNC machine shop is certified as a government contractor in the United States and Canada. Therefore, our precision products are used worldwide.

Services that our CNC Machine Shop Provides for Military Solutions


f-18 department of defenseA full service machine shop must do more than just manufacturing. At Logik Precision, Inc., we offer fast turnaround on prototyping, provide low and large quantity custom batch orders, perform first article and final inspection testing, coordinate special product treatments and deliver on time.

We work closely with the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime as well as the Department of Defense's inventory control points. This includes weapons manufacturing, machine work for vehicles in the automotive division, and supply command in both Columbus, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia.

Examples of Products We Provide for Military Solutions:


  • Flight control actuation systems with general purpose actuators and hydraulic motors
  • Engine mounting hardware for vehicles and aircraft
  • Gears and gearboxes
  • Jack screws and ball screw assemblies
  • Oil and general purpose pumps along with valves of any size and configuration
  • Custom made test equipment


Our CNC machine shop is available for a broad range of high precision solutions. We take great pride in our flexibility, dependability, and customer service.

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