Metal Cutting Solutions

For custom metal cutting solutions, look no further than Logik Precision, Inc. of Houston, TX. We offer the expertise, technology, and equipment to cut and machine virtually any metal quickly and cost-effectively in a manner that is safe for our environment.

At Logik Precision, Inc., we use a variety of C.N.C. metal cutting processes such as milling, lathe, and waterjet cutting to achieve the precision, high tolerance cuts you need with minimal waste.

  • Milling: Employing the principle of rotary motion, a milling cutter removes small chips of material from a workpiece up to 36” wide and 27” high. Logik Precision currently has eight precision milling machines on hand, including two 75,000 pound Kuraki boring mills.
  • Lathe:Through the movement of a cutting tool, a C.N.C.or manual lathe removes material from any plane on the workpiece to create desired shapes and dimensions, as well as threads. Our machine read accommodates up to 30” diameter x 2’ long or 10.5” diameter x 20’ long.Logik Precision has six manual and computer-controlled lathes to handle any job.
  • Waterjet Cutting:Using water pressure of up to 55,000 psi, waterjet cutting produces a reliable, accurate cut without heat and without tampering with the structure of material. Used in a myriad of industries, the waterjet process can be used on anything but glass, granite, or stone. Our Omax Fabricator machinery accommodates wide material on a 78” x 168” table.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and Job Mansoftware provided by the top names in metal cutting solutions. For a complete list of current equipment, click here.

Logik Precision, Inc. is certified under ISO 9001. In providing high-quality metal cutting services, our team adheres closely to ISO quality management practices to ensure that your job is completed to your specifications and in accordance with established, documented procedures.

When you seek a metal cutting specialist in the Greater Houston area, contact Logik Precision, Inc. today at (800) 684-2041.

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