Why Choose A Machine Shop That Is Government Authorized
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 17:41
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Shopping for a machine shop that will deliver accurate, on-time work? Consider a machine shop with past experience as a defense contractor. Government authorized shops provide a number of guarantees to the Department of Defense (DOD) before receiving contacts for work on weapons, planes, and equipment. If they got a contract, it was because they sufficiently proved that they had the personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, quality systems in place, and record of on-time delivery to do the job.

Why Choose A Government-Authorized Shop?

Here are 10 things about a company that has successfully managed government contracts that will bode well for you.

1. They follow directions. Only candidates who provide what is specified in the bid solicitation regarding drawings, descriptions, standards, materials, delivery dates, packaging, marketing requirements, and past performance history make it to the next step.

2. They observe deadlines. The government posts successful adherence to project deadlines on the Business Partner Network (www.bpn.gov) website and uses past performance in the equation to determine who will win future contacts.

3. They know how to estimate jobs. A business that has successfully completed government work on time and at a profit is very knowledgeable about how to estimate a job in view of the cost of labor, equipment, materials, and opportunity cost. They know how to assess all components of the job and properly allocate resources.

4. They clearly present the equipment they have and the processes they will use in completing the job, even if it means subcontracting parts of it.

5. They are realistic in what they can handle. Even though small businesses have a chance to win contracts, they are only successful if they bid on jobs in line with what they can deliver.

6. They earned the contract based on merit. Computerized evaluation of what the company submits about their capability selects the winners, which suggests that they met objective criteria to win.

7. They present themselves honestly. Companies who make the first cut often receive a site visit before they get the contract to assure that all necessary systems are in place.

8. They have a well-documented quality control program that shows how they will guarantee that they deliver quality products and services.

9. They can collaborate. Though the bid process seems impersonal, the ability to work with DOD or other agency staff is crucial.

10. Their product met government quality standards. Inaccurate, out-of-tolerance work can endanger lives and would not be accepted.

If a machine shop you are thinking of using has had experience as a government contractor, you know they have the technical capabilities to produce the work and the systems in place to assure that the work will be done on time and on budget.

Logik Precision Will Meet Your Specifications

At Logik Precision, we routinely win long-term government contracts that have made us a prime supplier for multiple divisions of the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime as well as the Department of Defense. While we work these jobs with care, we apply the same standards of excellence and quality workmanship to the work we do for any of our customers. With a full scope of services that range from prototyping to final inspection, we deliver the work to the specs you need.

When you want a turnkey solution to your machining needs, consider Logik Precision of Houston, TX. We look forward to hearing from you. Check out our audit reports and then contact us today with your requirements for your engineering and finishing needs.

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