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NASA's WB-57 program has been an integral part of the agency's research and development efforts in a wide range of fields relating to high altitude flight and space exploration. Since the WB-57 is no longer in service, NASA has relied on Logik Precision's CNC machine shop for service, repairs, and upgrades to the research planes. Logik Precision, a certified federal government contractor, is proud of its work with the WB-57 program and the fact that our CNC machine shop plays a part in NASA's ongoing scientific research.

High Altitude Research And The WB-57 Program

Originally a high altitude post World War II era bomber and reconnaissance plane, the WB-57 program now utilizes the high altitude aircraft for scientific research. This research includes monitoring space shuttle takeoffs, researching cosmic radiation, climate and cloud formation, and a host of other atmospheric programs. Experiments are conducted through add-on instrumentation packages either inside the aircraft or attached as external modules.

The WB-57 program involves flights up to 70,000 feet in altitude where the atmosphere is so thin that there is only one pound of atmospheric pressure. All of the work that Logik Precision performs for the WB-57 program in our CNC machine shop has to meet rigorous standards and NASA's stringent requirements in order to be put to the test in such a harsh and unforgiving environment. Failure at this altitude would be catastrophic.

Logik Precision's State Of The Art CNC Machine Shop And Water Jet Cutting Technology

For high precisions CNC machine shop work, we use the leading technology in water jet cutting. By utilizing high pressure water (50,000 to 100,000 pounds per square inch) we can provide the WB-57 program and all of our government clients with precision cutting through nearly any material. Since no heat or solvents are used, the work pieces are never contaminated or warped when using our CNC machine shop's water jet cutting equipment. For demanding customers like NASA, this technology is essential for providing the types of services they need. Water jet cutting can be utilized in nearly any application or on any materials, from aerospace to marine, plastics to hard metals.

Expanding Our CNC Machine Shop To Meet Customer Demands

At Logik Precision, we have been undergoing expansions while taking on new clients. We have expanded our work hours, added new milling centers to our CNC machine shop, and we continue to upgrade all of our facilities. In order to retain our high production standards, we have also added quality control professionals and inspectors along with new quality management software. In the end, our improvements have allowed us to offer better customer service, faster response times and turnaround time on quotes, plus high quality output and milling. That is why our CNC machine shop has been so successful at servicing commercial customers and government clients, including NASA's WB-57 program.

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Growth and Improvement at Logik Precision, Inc. in 2011 PDF Print E-mail

A Growing Business

We've had one of our biggest growth moments by becoming a government authorized manufacturer for the Department of Defense. As we continue to support our existing major clients like Cameron, FMC, Oceaneering, Vetco Gray, and Schlumberger, we've brought on a number of new clients that have been moving our company forward, including:

•    Array
•    Department of Defense
•    Ellington Air Force base
•    NASA

Improved Facilities

In order to respond to increased demand, we've relocated to a larger and upgraded 15,000 square feet facility at 5007 Steffani Lane and upgraded the existing 5,000 square feet facility at 5301 Rosslyn Road. This will help us better serve our clients in the Houston and Spring Branch areas.

Expanded Work Hours and New Equipment

We've expanded to two full shifts and added new CNC machining ( lathes and mills), metal fabrication, metal cutting, and abrasive jet centers as part of our machine shop growth initiative.

Improved Management Software

We added high tech programming and quality software to strengthen our manufacturing and quality management processes.

Minority Owned Business

We are a Hispanic-owned company with a diverse staff of more than 60 employees. We are proud to employ highly skilled minority workers as part of our growing staff.

Increased Staffing in Key Positions

As a machine shop for the Department of Defense and other new customers, we've recently added extra staff to better serve you:

•     Quoting Specialist for faster turnaround on quotes
•     Expeditor for faster response to customer questions on work-in-process
•    Inspectors to ensure all of our work remains at the highest quality standards
•    Process Manager to handle customer concerns

Leading EdgeTechnology - Water Jet Cutting

Our water jet cutting and abrasive jet cutting equipment is helping shoulder the load from our machine shop growth. Water at pressures up to 55,000 psi is used to push an abrasive jet that can cut nearly any material. Water jet cutting is environmentally safe and highly accurate. Water jet cutting technology is extremely versatile and can be used in virtually any industry.

Summary Comment

We look forward to serving our new and existing customers with out improved facilities, increased staff and cutting edge technology. Feel free to contact us to learn more about what Logik Precision, Inc.'s growth means to you, our customer.

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