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Logik Precision recently purchased a new Kuraki horizonal boring and milling machine. This new equipment has 6600 pound table loading capacity and operates with 0.001 degree accuracy. It is excellent for cutting gears and other parts that require precision accuracy. Logik Precision has a long history of reliable machining. This new machine enables on-site boring, which improves quality control and reduces work time. Expanded services has become increasingly important to Logik Precision's customer base. This includes the oil & gas industry, Department of Defense and aerospace. Purchasing state-of-the-art machining centers is an example of Logik Precision's commitment to meet customer needs.

Comprehensive Services From Our CNC Machine Shop

Logik Precision has a long history of reliable quality conformance and competitive pricing. With the expanded CNC horizontal milling service available in our Houston machine shop, we are able to better meet our customers' needs on time, on spec, and on budget.

The Kuraki machine gives our expert machinists the ability to perform all machining functions on one platform. This ability improves our already renowned level of tight quality control and on-spec deliveries.

Our customers include the Department of Defense and aerospace agencies, so they have specific demands for their CNC horizontal milling services. With our knowledgeable management team, ISO quality system, and accurate documentation, Logik Precision focuses on providing turnkey solutions that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

New Applications And CNC Horizontal Milling Services

The Kuraki CNC machine has a broad range of applications in numerous industries. The horizontal mill is excellent for cutting gears and heavy cuts, enabling rapid material removal rates. In general, heavier and longer work pieces are ideal for machining on a horizontal mill like the Kuraki CNC. Plus, the Kuraki also has the precision to work on the smallest pieces.

With custom CNC programming, Logik Precision can tackle the most demanding jobs with minimal tolerances. We service a number of industries, including:

  • Department of Defense
  • Aerospace
  • NASA
  • Oil and gas drilling
  • Mining
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • Marine
  • Construction

Logik Precision - Competitive Price, Reliable Quality Conformance, On-time Deliveries And Accurate Documentation

The Kuraki mill provides our CNC machine shop in Houston with another tool to meet our clients' needs. The additional CNC horizontal milling services enable our machinists to perform quality work with less setup time, pushing our entire operation to be more cost effective and precise. This allows us to maintain our competitive pricing guarantee, which means we can better meet our clients' budget and schedule.

The Kuraki mill also expands the scope of work that our machinists are able to perform. We can work with larger work pieces, mill complex shapes of slots and planes, and complete jobs that require work on multiple sides faster.

Incorporating Our CNC Horizontal Boring Services With Our One-Stop Solutions

Logik Precision is a one-stop solution provider. We perform turnkey work, including complicated and custom assignments, reliable quality inspection and detailed documentation. This is all administered through an ISO 9001 quality management program, which is continually audited for reliability. We also have a network of carefully selected vendors that provide materials at competitive prices, coat materials and perform NDE and other material inspections.

We look forward to hearing from you. Request a quote through this link.

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Unparalleled CNC Machining Quality With FaroArm Technology PDF Print E-mail

Quality machine shop work makes the difference for our customers when they need safe, effective, and successful precision machined components and systems. Logik Precision is built upon rigorous quality control as a guarantee to all of our customers that we provide only the best machining, milling, and lathing services. Whether producing a single custom lot or a long batch run, our personnel utilize years of experience and the latest technology to deliver flawless precision machined parts.

FaroArm tools, used at Logik Precision, is actively changing the way the CNC machining industry operates and is improving the quality and economy of nearly any type of product. These tools better enable our staff to support our customers and meet their needs.

How Logik Precision Runs Its Machine Shop

  • We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified machine shop with a focus on quality and safety.

  • By fostering a culture of both quality and safety, our machine shop is able to deliver on all of our customers' needs.

  • We have a streamlined work process with total job traceability.

  • Our machine shop inspects every component with Molding and Shadowgraph along with GageMaker to meet both our internal standards and the needs of our customers.

  • All of our processes are ASME compliant where applicable and we utilize every tool and technology available for cutting edge results.

  • Our machine shop deliveries cost effective and high quality systems and components through utilizing FaroArm technology.

Industry-Leading Measurement Accuracy With FaroArm Technology

Quality is built upon accurate measurements. Our customers often have rigorous specifications with very tight tolerances and the only way to reliably meet those is to utilize the latest in measurement technology, such as the FaroArm. The FaroArm provides precise 3D measurements in a platform capable of handling both small components and large systems. The platform acts as a fixed bed coordinate measuring machine with the added benefit of being portable without the need for inspection room conditions.

Delivering Quality Milled Products On Time And On Specification

One of the game-changing advantages of a FaroArm for our machine shop is the ability to streamline the entire machining process without sacrificing measuring accuracy. Our personnel can ensure quality at every step of the process and at any CNC station. In this way, our machine shop can focus on quality while minimizing waste. Portable measuring allows for QA checks at any stage of the machining process without creating wasted motion or extra work. Logik Precision leverages this advantage to deliver on time, on cost, and on specification.

In this way, quality isn't just a check at the end of the process. Quality becomes part of the shop floor and part of the culture. The results of this advantage show up in all of the services and prevision milled products that come out of our Houston, Texas facility.

Our clients span across many different types of industry, from private oil and gas production to government organizations, including the Department of Defense and NASA. We look forward to hearing how our full service machine shop can satisfy your specific milling, lathing, and water jet cutting needs!

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Logik Precision Supports Our Troops PDF Print E-mail

This month, Logik Precision management attended a conference presented by the Department of Defense Logistics Agency. The purpose was to review the full spectrum of logistics that support our nations armed services.

As an indication of the scope of work performed by the DOD Logistics Agency, they manage combat logistics in 28 countries around the world and 48 states in the United States. They employ nearly 27,000 civilian and military workers that support more than 1,900 weapon systems. This endtails processing nearly 230,000 requisitions and more than 11,000 contract actions each day.

As an approved manufacturer for the military, Logik Precision supplies many different types of precision parts to the Department of Defense. This requires (1) a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, (2) competitive pricing, (3) consistent product quality, (4) certified quality management procedures, (5) first article and finished product inspections, (6) special packaging and shipping capabilities and (7) continuous communications with purchasing contacts to keep them informed on work in process.

Logik Precision's performance is continually monitored and reported by the Logistics Agency. Due to the importance of the manufactured parts, any failure to perform is not tolerated.

In summary, Logik Precision is proud to be a part of the support system for our combat services and is committed to a long-term relationship with the Department of Defense.

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Logik Precision, Inc. Provides "One Stop" Services. PDF Print E-mail
In order to acheive the best of class status, Logik Precision provides comprehensive services for customers.


  • Logik Precision calls it a "one-stop service program" because it includes:
  • Technical guidance on part designs.
  • Purchasing of materials and outside services.
  • Precision machining, grinding, welding, coating, and testing.
  • First article and finished part inspections using traditional and computerized inspection equipment.
  • Packaging and delivering capabilities that accommodate unique customer requirements.
  • An invoicing and customer payment system that can be performed electronically or hard copy.
  • Real-time access to work documentation



Carlos Sierra

Logik Precision

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Logik Precision Expands Management Team PDF Print E-mail

Jamie Sierra ((Operations Manager))


Andres Cardona Expeditor



Carlos Sierra,










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