CNC Machine Shop for Aerospace Solutions in Houston, Texas

Logik Precision, Inc. has earned the reputation of being the leading CNC machine shop for aerospace solutions in Houston, Texas. Our clients in the aerospace industry include NASA, the Department of Defense and Ellington Air Force Base. We also work with Computer Science Corporation in the field of systems and computer controls.

Logik Precision, Inc.'s Contract Work with NASA


We have been working closely with NASA, providing them precision aerospace solutions. Our work includes flight safety critical aircraft parts that NASA puts into service. In particular, NASA has utilized our CNC machine shop for aerospace solutions on their WB-57 high altitude research program. We are helping to put WB-57 high altitude jets 70,000 feet into the atmosphere in order to conduct high altitude research and monitor space shuttle launches. All of the parts are made to NASA's rigorous standards.

Water Jet Cutting is a Critical Part of our Aerospace Solution Technology.


At Logik Precision, Inc., we utilize the latest in water jet cutting technology to provide high precision products without heat deforming sensitive materials. Importantly, this work can be performed without the use of cooling liquids, which prevents work piece contamination.

Our water jet cutting technology also enables us to be versatile in the use of materials More specifically, we can provide products made of hard metals, ceramics, rubber, foam, glass, stone, plastics and polymers. No matter how tough the job, our CNC machine shop for aerospace solutions delivers.

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